Ton van Andel

Ton van Andel, the Netherlands, born in 1931, started drawing at a very young age, inspired by his father, a skilled draughtsman. From the beginning he liked sketching “funny faces” and specialized in cartoons. Another interest, aviation, made him join the Royal Netherlands Air Force. After a long career, mainly as avionics officer, he retired but remained a busy man. He has drawn the Air Force Safety Calendar for 41 years and 16 books containing his aviation cartoons have been published. Ton died unexpectedly in 2017.

Cartoons from Ton can be found in many of our publications:
-Good Landing
-Going up, sir
-Please wait to be seated
-First 100 years

-Say again
-Say no more
-Say again + no more
-Say when
-Say how
-Say when + how
-Say coffee or tea
-Say heading
-Say something
-Say chocks away
-Welkom bij de Luchtmacht
-Veilig gevlogen

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