Good Landing


The book “Good landing” was published November 2008.

It is a rather unique book: in the last 50 years (as far as we could find out) no book was published
with aviation cartoons by artists from all corners of the world.

In just a few weeks 1000’s of books were sold around the world and the orders just keep flooding in. “Good landing” contains 160 pages with 300+ cartoons from 20 different artists from several countries and each artist fills some pages, none of them more than 8% of total book, and they all look at aviation on their own, special, way.
Almost half of the book is in full colour.

Participating artists:

Ton van AndelPhilippe AbbetJan van AlphenJohan BaasRoger BrunelGary ClarkIain DickNina DietrichToon van DrielFabian GoossensMichael HopkinsBob LeendersAnnebet LeeuwisChris MannoHelmut MauchBarry MundenHerbert PlompenMike RayStefan StrasserDimitri Verdoodt