Going up, Sir

The second book in this series of books with international aviation cartoons.
After our publication of “Good landing” many other artists asked for participation in next book,
so “Going up, sir” was published less than one year after first book in October 2009.
Again many good reviews, but some slow sales later due to economic downdraft
Sales were later increasing !!

160 pages, 300+ cartoons by 21 artists

Ton van Andel, Philippe Abbet, Johan Baas, Steve Barba, Nicola Bolton, Gary Clark, Martin Germans, Jason Hall, Wende Huizer, Bob Lang, Bob Leenders, Annebet Leeuwis, Helmut Mauch, Rob Mulders, Barry Munden, Stefan Neuwinger, Herbert Plompen, Julien Schweizer, Stefan Strasser, Peter Welleman, Heinz Wolf