First 100 years are tough…




Unique Book

publication early-November 2018
size A5, 200 pages, full colour
ISBN 978-94-90008-208

Book is filled with almost 400 aviation cartoons
by 25 artists from around the globe.
Part of the cartoons come from earlier publications
of Martin Leeuwis Publications, but many
are drawn for the occasion.
Subject of book is 100 years of airline flying
as KLM celebrates to have been operating under same name for 100 years in 2019.

The page images show only one sample cartoon from each participating artist.

Participating artists:
Ton van Andel, the Netherlands
Philippe Abbet, Switzerland
Johan Baas, the Netherlands
Steve Barba, USA
Nicola Bolton, United Kingdom
Roger Bowles, United Kingdom
Roger Brunel, France
Gary Clark, Australia
Iain Dick, United Kingdom
Nina Dietrich, Austria
Toon van Driel, the Netherlands
Martin Germans. the Netherlands
Patrick Harrington, USA
Wende Huizer, the Netherlands
Kelly Kincaid, USA
Robert Knotts, United Kingdom
Bob Lang, USA
Bob Leenders, the Netherlands
Annebet Leeuwis, the Netherlands
Chris Manno, USA
Helmut Mauch, Germany
Rob Mulders, the Netherlands
Herbert Plompen, the Netherlands
Bob Stevens, USA
Stefan Strasser, Austria